Fort Sask NOW in a BUYER’S MARKET! Here’s 3 Reasons SELLERS Should Be Happy!

October 7th, 2015 by KellingtonREG

10-6-2015 11-53-24 AMCasual real estate followers will often peruse websites like and publications to see what’s new on the market and what is selling in Fort Sask. They often gather from listing prices a general feel of what the market is favoring; buyers or sellers. Right now it’s certainly taken a shift with growing inventory and because we now have over 250 listings (condo and single family combines) on the market it’s safe to call this a buyer’s market.

reduced-real-estate-comic-cartoon-inman-newsThat’s FANTASTIC if your looking for a new place to call home and we want to help make that happen for you! But what if you are a seller in today’s market? Or what if you have to sell your home in order to buy? It’s good news for you too, and here’s why.

Growing selection in Fort Saskatchewan means growing interest too! A small selection of homes on the market often raises prices and frustrates buyers. They can’t find exactly what they want, and yet they know they are paying a premium to buy! NO ONE wants to get screwed in a deal, often times buyer’s get frustrated and just walk away from buying at all! First time buyers tend to shut down first and that has a domino affect. CONVERSELY, in a Buyer’s Market they are treated to wider selection of styles and choices. Buyers can look with options and have confidence that they are in control. It’s contagious as excited buyers share their good news on social media and with friends. First time buyers inject much needed early capital in the market which gives higher price points movement too!

LOW LOW LOW Interest rates help the market move!

Low interest rates mean buying a home right now is WAY cheaper when you do the long term math!

Borrowing the capital is cheaper than ever! Not only are interest rates incredibly low, they also are being offered for ridiculously long terms! Meaning you can get into a home for less monthly, and less over the length of the mortgage, making your home purchase cheaper than ever! LITERALLY 10’s of thousands of dollars in your pocket rather than the lender’s is great news. You can pay off your home sooner, AND get the bigger home you wanted AND STILL be ahead of the game! Our lending partners have been able to write INCREDIBLE mortgages on homes, and that is something that DOESN’T happen if you wait for a hot market.

Home Selection is always nice :)

Increased selection gives buyers confidence and helps the market get moving!

Apples to Apples. When you sell in one market and buy in the same market you really can’t lose! In fact if you sell less than you thought, but save on the purchase price AND get a lower interest rate and longer term, YOU WIN VERY BIG! Seller’s tend to look only at their selling price, but when all factors are involved you actually stand to keep more of your money with the current market trends, that if the market suddenly turned HOT! Especially if you are moving up in size or buying newer.

The key is to have an experienced professional give you a COMPLETE picture with all the details. That’s where we come in. At the Kellington Real Estate Group we are watching markets daily to provide YOU the most accurate information. We can translate that into best market pricing and biggest value in your purchase. We provide a level of expertise that can give you greater confidence moving forward. Call us today to take a closer look at your real estate needs, and get us working to turn your dreams into reality.

Getting that golf green grass at home!

June 4th, 2014 by KellingtonREG

Grass of your DreamsWeather it’s just to enjoy at home, or to give your home that added curb appeal on the market, having gorgeous green grass is something that can really set your home apart. But how do you go about getting that lush green sod to fill your yard? What’s the best way to feed and with what, and what the heck does aerating do anyhow?

We searched some of the best sites together a one stop shopping approach the getting you a better lawn,
and here’s what we found:

1. The best first step might be to Aerate your lawnlogo_cg-01

Canadian Gardening posted a great article explaining what aerating is beneficial, and even a test to see if your lawn is in need!


2. Using the RIGHT fertilizer

When figuring out which is the best fertilizer for your lawn, the trip down the lawn care aisle can make you feel like your back at your grade 9 chemistry final exam. There’s a lot to understand and most of it has to do with timing, but the BEST (and simplest) explanation was from Popular Mechanics. Trust the geeks of science to break it down so you can figure it out.

3. When to water and how much is enough.edm

The undeniable truth is, water more and grass gets greener, BUT that’s not exactly environmentally friendly, AND can also lead to unstable soil and even fungus or the dreaded “fairy rings” popping up. The City of Edmonton explained pretty clearly how keeping your lawn lush, doesn’t mean spending hundreds of extra dollars flowing out your hose. Longer, and less frequent is consistent from the best sources.

4. Cutting the grass, yes size does matter!Dummmies

It’s true that early in the year, letting your grass get some extra length can help later in the summer, but how do you know when it’s right. Believe it or not the best source we found was from the For Dummies franchise who posted info from their Gardening For Dummies publication. it gets into the specific types of grass, and how you will get the greenest from each type.

5. Assessing your lawn, and if you should change it or pave it!TOH

Sometimes you might be frustrated year after year with your lawn. Perhaps it just doesn’t grow no matter what, or you consistently run into problems. A review of the best ways to assess your situation, and even deciding if you should abandon grass in that area was found on the This Old House website. They have a complete breakdown of how to care, but more importantly what to change with problem yards, and when to quit if needed.

So we hope you find what YOU need to spruce up that lawn and give your home that grass is always greener look your neighbors will be envious of, and when you’re ready,  may just help you sell even faster! When you decide to do that, CALL US FIRST (780-998-4021) for your free custom home market assessment. 

Fixing Up Those Dated Kitchen Cabinets!

May 14th, 2014 by KellingtonREG

New hardware on older cabinets.

One of the most common questions we get, from both buyers AND sellers when we are in homes is, can you update older kitchen cabinets. The simple answer is yes. You can freshen up cabinets with as simple as a good clean and new hardware. Depending on the condition of those cabinets, you may be surprised how much that alone can spruce things up, but if you’re ready to take on a bigger challenge you can do A LOT for very little. If the shelves seem sturdy, and many of the older built cabinets are, then a fresh coat of paint can change the entire look of the kitchen!

I have seen the transformation is many homes and the difference can be shocking! And the price, if you are handy enough to do it yourself, can be a jaw dropping return on investment when selling. It can also mean getting a home that is MUCH more livable when buying. Take a look at the example below.

BEFORE: Older kitchen in need of update.

BEFORE: Older kitchen in need of update.

AFTER: Painted Cabinets and a new counter top freshen up the entire kitchen.

AFTER: Painted Cabinets and a new counter top freshen up the entire kitchen.

When done right it can be the type of change that sets your home apart on the market. It can also mean buyers, who value quality kitchen space, will pay more for getting what they want; Clean, updated, modern kitchen space that works. website website

Now if you are not inclined to do the work yourself, the same is still true! A kitchen update can make you money, or perhaps make your current home a better home to stay in, and you NEED to check out They are from here in Fort Saskatchewan and they create THE VERY BEST in both kitchen and closet designs. You MUST check out their gallery to see their work, it is SO worth a visit.


Older cabinets inside, newer cabinets out!

Older cabinets inside, newer cabinets out!

On the other hand, if your power tools and handy work is ready for a challenge, then THIS is the best DIY cabinet fix video we have found.

It’s part of ablog from Young House Love describing in detail the kitchen makeover and is an excellent site to help you plan your own kitchen redesign. They break it down into 15 days of work, and do a really good job of describing and illustrating in images the details of how they updated for less than you think. The details of how you can make a difference, and suggestions on minor changes to the layout or certain cabinets, can deliver modern style and functionality. It’s also a simple yet very impressive breakdown that can be helpful for you in updating your kitchen and in selling your home!

And that’s where WE come in. Visit our website and find out the latest market activity in the Fort Saskatchewan real estate market, or even better, have us come in for a free, no obligation personal meeting with our Real Estate Experts to update you specifically on what your home will sell for, and what we can get you moved into! CALL US TODAY to make the free visit appointment, 780-998-4021. 



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Hashtag Fort Sask

August 2nd, 2013 by KellingtonREG

We have helped many people move into the Fort Saskatchewan area, and when we do we’re often asked what Fort Sask is like. It’s hard to describe, because I think Fort Sask has so much to offer depending what you’re looking for, but I also suggest one of the best ways to get a feel is to check out the social media. Fort Sask has a VERY active social media population and there is lots to learn and see about Fort Sask there and specifically there is so much happening on twitter (

Twitter is an exciting social medium that has many active users in Fort Saskatchewan. If you’re  not familiar with twitter, it’s maybe best described as a world of digital conversations happening in short spurts (you’re limited to just 140 characters per tweet). It’s more subject based than facebook as you can search by topic and jump into any conversation around the world, and using a hashtag (#) you can create your own subject for others to join. It also allows you to remove spaces to keep the 140 limit of characters more efficient as well.

What I love about the immediacy of twitter is, it allows you to directly address people, who normally you wouldn’t have direct access to. On twitter I have had interactions with former NFL MVP Kurt Warner, Business mogul and Dragon’s Den star Brett Wilson, former NHL player and radio host Jason Strudwick, Food Network star Alton Brown, TSN host James Duthie, The Bachelor Canada host Tyler Harcott, CBC’s Peter Brown, ABC’s “Rookie Blue” star Eric Johnson, WGN Chicago anchor Tom Negjoan live on the floor during the Democratic National Convention during President Obama’s speech, and many others. It has a human touch like very few other mediums, but it also has the ability to take the conversation very local.

You can always find the latest happenings in Fort Saskatchewan on Twitter via #FortSask.

For instance if you’re on twitter, search  #FortSask and you’ll always see the latest activity of what’s going on or being discussed locally, and there is always plenty going on. A great source of community info comes in the regular updates from Chamber Executive Director Conal MacMillan (@Conal-Mac) or you might see the latest civic happenings from the official City of Fort Sask twitter (@CityFortSask) or local activities and information from Mayor Gale Kutcher (@GaleKatchur). Other businesses are active too like Heartland Ford (@HeartlandFord), fitness activities from Johnny B Fitt (@JbfFitt), daily lunch specials from our local food truck Funky Mango (@FunkyMang11) and radio contests from Mix 107 (@Mix1079FortSask) or even backstage photos of a concert from Shell Theatre (@ShellTheatre). You’ll also find up to the minute info too, like when the power goes out, twitter followers are quick to share details, when traffic is backed you’ll find out why. When the Shell is giving away free gas, yeah, twitter blows up!

For the latest in Fort Saskatchewan Real Estate, follow us @KellingtonREG

We (@KellingtonREG) also tweet out updated market stats from specific to the Fort Saskatchewan real estate market. So follow us and join in on the conversation happening right now on twitter with #FortSask.



December 7th, 2012 by KellingtonREG
Fort Sask Operation Red Nose

Knowing if you’re safe to drive is an expensive gamble that can costs you hassles  your licence, or even lives. Take advantage of Fort Sask’s Operation Red Nose and leave the driving to them.

The Kellington Real Estate Group believes the best part of owning your house is coming home to it. We all have stories about how tragically that doesn’t always happen.  For me it was over 20 years ago when my best friend was killed after being hit by a young drunk driver who made a stupid decision because he didn’t want to leave his car at a bar. It happens. Sometimes a lack of planning or sometimes the wait is too long for a cab, or perhaps you need your car and think you’re OK. With all my heart I encourage you to make other plans, but it’s also why I am SO EXCITED about Operation Red Nose in Fort Saskatchewan.

This holiday season as social gatherings inevitably turns to enjoying a glass of wine or a drink or two of holiday cheer, planning to get home safe is more important than ever. In Fort Saskatchewan we are VERY privileged to have Operation Red Nose, a non-profit volunteer program run by the Fort Saskatchewan Rotary Club.

Friday and Saturday nights over the holiday season, simply give them a call (780-999-7567) and no questions asked they will come to pick you up. The really unique part of Operation Red Nose is that they send out a team of volunteers who arrive with big smiles to drive you home WITH YOUR CAR AT NO COST! How do they do that? I caught up with Red Nose Chair and City Councilor Stewart Henning ( twitter: @StewHenning) to talk about this year’s operation.

“Seven years ago Jim Benson (a Fort Sask Rotary Club member) talked about the Edmonton Rotary Club running of Red Nose and he spearheaded a local satellite operation” Said Stewart. “It went really well, and was supported by the RCMP, the Fort Record, and the City and businesses too, so the next year we got over 50 volunteers, donations and support and ran our own operation.”

Stewart took over the reigns as operation chair that year and now, in its seventh year, things have continued to grow. “We did something like 50 trips that first year, and last week we did over 20 in just one night.”

If you make the choice to drive drunk, the breathalyzer may be THE LEAST of your problems. Fort Sask Operation Red Nose takes all the risk away by driving you home IN YOUR OWN VEHICLE!

Operation Red Nose doesn’t charge anything, but donations are appreciated, and the best part? 100% of the donations go to Fort Sask and area youth programs! “We can do this because of all the volunteers who give their time, their vehicles, and even their gas” said Stewart “we also get great support from local businesses, in the form of cash and gifts in trade. We want people to call and not have to worry about being judged, or having to pay. We appreciate the donations, but our goal is to get you home safe with your own vehicle.”

It’s an outstanding program that YOU CAN STILL VOLUNTEER TO HELP! All you have to do is stop into the RCMP office to fill out the screening (free of charge for Operation Red Nose) and once you are cleared they will call you for your availability.

So this holiday season if you’re out in Fort Sask ON A FRIDAY OR SATURDAY NIGHT and have had a little too much to drink, avoid the breathalyzer and potential accidents and call Operation Red Nose at 780-999-7567 and let them do the driving and get you and your car home safe.


November 20th, 2012 by KellingtonREG

The 20th Annual Fort Saskatchewan Santa Claus Parade kicks of the holiday season Saturday Nov 20th at 11am.

Whether you have lived in Fort Saskatchewan all your life, or just considering a move here, it’s no surprise that the Santa Claus Parade is the launch of both an exciting and busy time of year. THIS SATURDAY NOV. 24th at 11am DOWNTOWN FORT SASKATCHEWAN WELCOMES JOLLY OL’ ST. NICK as their guest of honor in the 20th Annual Santa Claus Parade.

The Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and it’s member businesses always put on a fantastic event and I had a chance to discuss this year’s upcoming parade via twitter with Conal MacMillan (@Conal_Mac), the Executive Director of the Fort Sask Chamber of Commerce:

@KellingtonREG:    This sure is an exciting time of year, and in Fort Sask, the Santa Claus Parade kicks it all off! What’s your favorite part about the Santa Claus Parade?

@Conal_Mac:  The best part of the Santa Claus Parade has to be the joy that it brings to everyone who attends. Everyone is always smiling. There’s always a happy vibe in the city that day, no matter what the thermometer says.

@KellingtonREG:  Attendance is always really good, and the Fort Sask business community always gets behind it so well, it must take a lot of planning. How has planning gone this year?

@Conal_Mac:  Planning has been the same as most years. The formula for all parades is the same; once you’ve done one the rest are pretty simple. This year we also have a Facebook Page people can visit for details and history.

@KellingtonREG:   It’s great for kids, and families because so much is going on, can you tell us about what we can expect this year?

@Conal_Mac:  Yes, there’s lots going on! The Fort Mall hosts a pancake breakfast before the parade and many downtown businesses on the route offer hot chocolate and other treats before, during and after the parade. As well, the Downtown Business Council (DBC) is doing hay rides with Santa all afternoon. Elsewhere in the city, the Lakeview Inn is hosting a Winter Wonderland market from noon to 4 pm. The night before the parade the DBC and the mayor flip the switch on the city’s Christmas lights.

The parade route for the Fort Sask Santa Claus Parade.

@KellingtonREG:   Being in real estate, we have helped quite a few people buy homes that are new to Fort Sask.  If I’m new to the Fort, or never gone to the parade before, where’s the best place to go.

@Conal_Mac:  The route isn’t very long so, truly, choose a spot anywhere. Typically, the biggest crowds are along 99th Avenue.

@KellingtonREG:  It’s always such a great time and people really enjoy the event, but it’s also a lot of work for the Chamber of Commerce to put on, why do it?

@Conal_Mac:  Because it’s a great event for the community! The parade officially kicks off the Christmas season in the city, brings people downtown and helps promotes businesses. The Chamber is looking forward to hosting the parade for many years to come!

The Kellington Real Estate Group is very excited to support the Fort Saskatchewan  Chamber of Commerce and the 20th

ANNUAL SANTA CLAUS PARADE THIS SATURDAY! Visit their Facebook site for more information, or follow them on twitter (@FtSaskChamber) for all the latest on the parade. You don’t want to miss out on the activities, the friendly faces, and the big kickoff to the 2012 Christmas Holiday Season.

A BIG Bang The Goes On Forever!

November 14th, 2012 by KellingtonREG

As a Fort Sask Area Business, we here at Kellington Real Estate Group are always excited to see other businesses grow. As we launch our new website ( as well as our Facebook, G+ and twitter accounts (@KEllingtonREG) we also note that there’s another notable launch taking place in The Fort.

107.9FM In Fort Sask Is Ready to Launch!
From left to right, Alex Tostowaryk, Patrick Puff, Tony Stacey and Andrew Nakonechny who are part of the news and on air team.

Tuesday Nov. 27th is the launch of 107.9FM, Fort Saskatchewan’s FIRST and ONLY local radio station. It’s VERY EXCITING for Fort Sask and the guy who may be THE MOST excited is Andrew Nakonechny, Program Director and Morning Host of the new station. We did a twitter-interview with Andrew (you really should follow him @AndrewNak85) about their big launch, the vibe around the station, and what listeners can expect. Here’s what he had to say:

@KellingtonREG: The big day has FINALLY been announced! What’s the feeling at the station?

@AndrewNak85: There’s tons of excitement in the building and we’re just itching to get going and provide Local information. As you know, Launch date
is set for Tuesday, Nov 27th 10am at the Fort Museum. We want people to join us by the Warden House and see the Canon Fire as we Launch
with a Bang! We’re also encouraging people to bring an unwrapped toy for Families First Society to use for their Christmas Hampers, and the station is open for anyone to come for a tour of the Studios.

@KellingtonREG: There’s such a growing interest in the community and the biggest question is, what can we expect to be listening to?

@AndrewNak85: Format is a secret but what I can tell you is our content will be very Local – news, sports, weather and community events will be about Fort Saskatchewan!

@KellingtonREG: You have been tweeting for weeks, and the station ALREADY has been tweeting news, sports scores etc. You have contests up and going on your Facebook page, ALL BEFORE YOU LAUNCH! Is getting interactive with Fort Sask a part of 107.9FM’s plan?

@AndrewNak85: Absolutely! Twitter, Facebook and our website – we want interaction with our listeners as much as possible. Plus when we’re on the air we’ll have our main contest line that people can phone and let us know about road conditions, etc.

Brutus The Van

Brutus The Van

@KellingtonREG:We pride ourselves on being innovative with marketing, but 107.9FM has been pretty unique too! For those that haven’t seen all the pics on the website ( can you describe “BRUTUS”?

@AndrewNak85:  Brutus is one of our “in-the-field” reporters..haha. We wanted a way to get our visual messages out for the public and Brutus was there. He’s still a very reliable van, that’ll be in and around Fort Saskatchewan. Brutus will be with us until launch and then after you may see him on special occasions around Fort Saskatchewan.

@KellingtonREG:  Being the FIRST AND ONLY radio station means new growth for Fort Saskatchewan too. What kind of jobs have been added to Fort Sask with the addition of 107.9FM?

@AndrewNak85:   For on air we have 3 in our newsroom and 4 with on air shows. Total staff of the entire station is 12!

@KellingtonREG:  That’s GREAT NEWS for a city that is growing like ours! With musical format being a secret still, what is it you as Program Director and Morning Host hope for local listeners to hear on a day to day basis?

@AndrewNak85: I hope for them to entertained and informed about what’s around them. Fort Sask is such a FANTASTIC community that’ll we’ll be able to highlight on air and highlight the people in the community. I hope listeners tune in and hear their neighbor or friend on the air.

@KellingtonREG: I really appreciate your time with such a busy schedule, and I hope nothing but great things for the exciting launch and future of 107.9FM in Fort Saskatchewan!

@AndrewNak85: Thanks Brent!

I am VERY excited for what this means for the growing city that we are!It appears to be a really great business group focused on how great Fort Sask is! I ENCOURAGE YOU to stop by their website ( and check them out on Facebook (YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN PRIZES ALREADY) and follow on twitter (@1079FortSask).

Coming Soon!

November 5th, 2012 by KellingtonREG

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